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Your memories of the Leas Cliff Lift

Hopes that the Leas Cliff Lift could be making a come back very soon has led to many Folkestone residents reliving fond childhood memories.

Many fundraising events are taking place, which means that hopefully we will see it back to its good old self very soon!

The Facebook community, were eager to share their memories of the lift and shared why they are excited to see it back up and running again.

Amy Leigh Marsh loved the lift as a kid and she has many memories and can’t wait for it to come back!

When Diane Tighe was a child she would always make sure to ask for another go. She misses the lift a lot and remembers the good days.

Trevor Christopher Butcher first brought his wife to Folkestone and the lift was one of highest things to do on their list. 

Tina Myall remembers going on there with her mum and daughter and how she has lovely memories of it.