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5 benefits of using electric scooters

As more and more electric scooter trials are being implemented in the UK, here are some of their benefits that you may not know about…

1 – They’re better for the environment.

One of the main benefits of using electric scooters is that they’re eco-friendly. As global warming and climate change cases increase, electric scooters seem to be one of the best travel alternatives to help save the planet. Using the scooters uses little electricity and aids in minimising carbon emissions, which makes them far better for air quality as opposed to motor vehicles.

2 – They’re portable and compact.

Electric scooters are extremely portable; most of them are very light and fold up, meaning that they can be easily stored and moved around when needed. Their compactness means that they are perfect to ride in traffic and if they happen to break down or run out of charge, they’re easy to carry around with you.

credit: Unsplash
3 – They’re a good way to improve your balance.

This one might surprise a lot of people, but electric scooters can actually help with your balance. A lot of adult’s live desk-bound lives, working in offices and on chairs all day. As well as this, social media means people are becoming less active, as communication is made so simple. Using electric scooters for shorter journeys gets your body moving, and activates your core, which improves your balance over time.

4 – They don’t contribute to noise pollution.

Electric scooters are a very quiet mode of transportation, unlike loud vehicles you usually find on the road like cars and lorries. This means they can be used as much as people like, and at any time of day – whether it be early in the morning or late at night. As they don’t contribute to noise pollution, they are not a disturbance for members of the public.

credit: Unsplash
5 – They’re cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Electric scooters tend to be fairly cost-effective and start from a low price-range. They’re also quite low maintenance, as they are made with sturdy material and you only need to take into consideration the protection of the motor, battery, and controller. They are definitely a lot less of a financial burden than a car.

Featured image credit: Unsplash – Okai Vehicles