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5 Canterbury student accommodations ranked worst to best

UK students have it very hard when it comes to rent with the 60% rise in rent over a decade. University accommodation the now averages £7,347 a year which is more then most average maintenance loan.  Rent is 4.4% higher then last year and 16% higher than before pandemic.

This is why I have ranked 5 Canterbury student accommodations from worst to best, so you can get your money’s worth

 Universal Student Living

located in Parham student village, a complex of around 6/7 accommodation blocks which are large quantity of houses, flats and studio apartments.

Even though it has amazingly cheap prices with a single bedroom being £99 per week , its has landed itself on the bottom of our list due to the cheap prices matching the cheap conditions of the accommodation.

“broken kitchen extraction” to “cramped room spaces” to “old fashion interior” and the overly deceiving online photos advertise.

On the Brightside it is extremely close to  both Asda and Lidl.

Cloud Student Homes

Known for it’s over-the-top colourful décor that one could say isn’t very eye pleasing.

Cloud student homes consist of 3 buildings Kentish House, Bein Hall and Talis Court. The rooms are nice size, suitable kitchen and bathroom and a very friendly and helpful site team and is overall a really good place to stay for a sociable first year student as a lot parties take place there.

Even though it’s the second cheapest accommodation in Canterbury with the price of it’s standard en-suite being £125 per week, it has landing it’s self at No.4 because of the ongoing hot water issues and the absolutely terrible signal.

Palamon Court

One of the newest accommodation to hit Canterbury and it is a big hit as well.

Super modernise, great interior comes with a common room and a gym and is located right next to the library and Opposite the town centre. Sounds like the perfect accommodation right?

Only if you are willing to spend most of your student finance on rent, A standard en-suite cluster is 170per week this is the cheapest room Palamon Court has to offer.

It really is the most expensive in Canterbury. Another downfall is the ongoing works on the building due it being a fairly new building. so you may be woken up with a few hammers banging.

The accommodation may be one of the best when it comes to living and interior but overall it’s not worth paying that much.

Student Manor

I myself have had the pleasure of living in Student Manor, it’s is a very stylist modern accommodation with a lot to offer.

It comes with a gym, games room and cinema room so there’s a lot for you to do. Both the rooms and kitchens are very good size.

The thing stopping Student Manor from snatching that No.1 spot is that it is also pricey but it is manageable with it’s cheapest room being £152 per week.

At the end of the day student manor is a really great place to stay and I would recommend it to others.

Alma Court

I have also had the pleasure of staying at Alma Court and what can I say, its got everything student manor has but cheaper price.

It is updated and modern with generous room and kitchen sizes, across the street from the Canterbury Christ Church campus.

A standard en-suite is £140 per week which is very good for the level of quality the accommodation is.

I believe you’re getting your moneys worth with Alma court.