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5 reasons why YOU should get involved in National Walking Month

National Walking Month isn’t just a month to get you walking, it encourages people to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst doing something enjoyable. There are also many activities and charity events that go on all month which are a great way of getting yourself out there!


Here are 5 reasons why you should get involved:


It improves your physical health 

Walking is a great way to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has been proven to reduce many illnesses such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Type 2 diabetes.

“Health experts recommend a brisk daily walk as an easy way to improve your health, with 20 minutes of walking a day being a good step towards achieving 150 minutes of physical activity a week” – Kathryn Shaw, The Living Streets

“regular walking can help you maintain a longer, healthier life” – Vanessa Smith, British Heart Foundation

benefits of walking for mental health

 It improves your mental health 

Mental health and exercise have been very closely linked, it has been proven than mental health is significantly improved by exercising, even if it is only 20 minutes a day. Walking can also improve mental health as it can be a very social activity, there are many people that join walking groups and spend time together – which is a great way to meet new people and get out of the house!

“1.4m older adults are lonely, with Age UK predicting this will rise to 2m within seven years. People over 50 are more likely to be lonely if they’re widowed, in poor health or feel like they aren’t part of their local community. The UK government’s loneliness strategy (published Oct 2018) recognises the importance of older adults staying active and social through walking activities.” – Kathryn Shaw, The Living Streets 

“I think walking with others is definitely good for mental health, I’m not in those categories, but I started walking three years ago to get fit and I walk for enjoyment of the company” – Brenda Weeden, Medway Resident.

It’s good for the planet 

This is quite an obvious one, but getting yourself out there and walking more is so beneficial for the planet. It eliminates the use of cars and public transport which means the level of pollution and CO2 emissions will decrease. Climate change is a very topical issue at the moment and anything that you can do to benefit the planet will help massively.


evidence of walking benefitting the planet


It’s good for the economy 

You wouldn’t believe it but walking apparently encourages people to buy more! (If walking means buying more then count me in)

“Walking is good for the economy, too. Research also shows that shoppers on foot can spend up to six times more than those who arrive by car, and that people value walkable destinations and investment in the public realm.” – Kathryn Shaw, The Living Streets


Its fun!

Walking is a great way of meeting people and socialising. If you download pedometer apps or fitness apps, it’s a great way of keeping track and having fun whilst keeping fit! There are many walking groups and clubs that you can join, including walking buses and walk to school schemes for children. There are also often small groups in a community that come together to walk for a social and physical benefit.


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