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5 things you can do to help zoos at this time

The world is currently in one of the biggest challenges we have faced for years, with a global pandemic sweeping across every nation. The Covid-19 outbreak has changed everything and so much is being affected.

Amongst those hit with financial struggle, zoos have lost all of their finance coming in from the tickets, cafe, gift shops, subscriptions etc and the problem is that staff will still have to come to work ensuring that the animals are still being cared for but the sad truth is they might not be able to afford to do that for much longer.

Zoos need our help now more than ever to ensure that staff are able to care for the animals and not only that but they can open back up to the public after this. Here are 5 things you can do to help zoos at this time:

1) Donations
close-up photo of assorted coins
Credit to Josh Appel

It doesn’t have to be a massive amount of money, even just a pound helps. No matter the total it’s the thought that counts. This will go towards ensuring food and any essentials for the animals will be able to be brought and that staff can pursue their job by keeping the zoo clean and ensuring the animals are fed even if it is closed. You can donate to Wingham Wildlife Park here.

It’s not only money that can be donated, don’t forget that food is something that is vital and being able to supply food for the animals will help out tremendously. Due to panic buying and supermarket limits it has made it difficult for zookeepers to get food to feed them.

Most zoos will be welcome to take anything you have to donate, but ensure that you mention what it is before handing it over just to be cautious. Anything from limes, lemons, herbs, bread, bakery items, dried fruit, nuts and cereals.

If you wish to donate to any zoo, there is always a page on the website linked to Covid-19 and how you can donate, it will simply take you through the steps and give you information on how your money will be used. Port Lympne has set up a page where you can purchase a care package for your favourite animal.

2) Adopt an animal

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Animal adoptions usually last for around a year and are the perfect gift for anyone who is an animal lover. Each adoption gives support to help save British Wildlife. Each website will offer a variety of animals that are up for adoption to suit all budgets and occasions.

When purchasing an adoption, ensure that you select the right park as most of the time a plaque will have your name on and be located in the park, so it’s vital to put the right park in.

Wildwood trust offers many animals for adoption from Adders, Artic Foxes, Asian Short Clawed Otters, Avocets, Badgers, Barn Owls and many more. 

3) Applying to volunteer when this comes to an end
gray tortoise walking on green grass field
Credit to Luca Ambrosi

Due to zoos having to close their doors, volunteering programmes are on hold due to the Government guidelines. However, usually, zoos are constantly looking for volunteers to help just because you can’t start now doesn’t mean you can’t apply. After normality begins to come back, zoos will be desperate to have volunteers to help them get the zoo back up and running swiftly to open to the public.

It doesn’t hurt to plan ahead and apply to volunteer for the zoos when this comes to an end,  they’ll appreciate it then more than ever.

So, if you’re a lover of animals and are looking at ways to put your time to good use, then get in touch zoos. Just remember that they won’t be taking anyone on at the moment, but you can still apply as it’s no doubt that when things start to change zoos will be under a lot of stress. Volunteering can include: mucking, preparing food, keeping the enclosures clean etc.

Being over the age of 18, passionate about animals, not afraid to get dirty and always willing to make a commitment to the park.

You can get in contact with Wingham Wildlife Park here. 

4) Support their live streams
brown and white owl on brown rock
Credit to Charlie Seaman on Unsplash

Many zoos are live streaming virtual lives of the animals, from feeds, daily activities to special talks. All around the world individual zoos are putting their time into ensuring that you have fun whilst watching the zoo in all its glory.

Some virtual live streams have links where you can donate to the animal, that you see on the screen. As they talk to you about the individual animal and what you can do to help. This is one of the ways zoos are raising money and trying to be able to get in a stable income like many of us, so if you love the zoo then check out the live streams and show your support.

Read more about zoos live streams here. 

5) Become a member
brown animal on green grass
Credit to Scott Walsh on Unsplash

It may sound silly, but the money that you invest to become a member will help the zoos struggling a lot as the money you pay will give them the finances to be able to ensure the animals are taken care of and the food they need is given to them. You’ll be supporting the zoo at the same time, by applying to become a member.

Get in contact with the zoo of your choice if you’re thinking of doing this, the zoo might be giving unlimited access and extended membership times for a lot longer than usual and more benefits for members. So, it may be a huge benefit for not only you but the zoo itself.

Read more about donating to zoos here.