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5 fitness YouTubers to subscribe to in lockdown

The UK lockdown meant by default, the closure of  gyms across the country. And as more workout from home, we have certainly been spoilt for choice in which home workouts we decide on.

From the nation getting their sweat on to Joe Wicks PE lessons to bodybuilders doing a triathlons in their homes, more people have become inspired to get up on their feet and work out from home.

But with so much out there, where do you start?

We’ve got you covered. Here are five Youtube channels providing daily home workouts for you to follow along to in the comfort of your living room (all tried and tested, of course).

  1. MadFit

If working out to the beat of popular classics is your thing, then you should already be doing MadFit’s workouts. Her full body targeting workouts are great to do from your living room. Her workouts also require no equipment – perfect for those of us with just a 3kg dumbbell to our name.

2. Bradley Martyn

Not all of us have a home gym, with all the equipment we should ever need. Bradley Martyn uses household items as equipment to keep fit. From garden brooms to milk bottles, he uses a range of household essentials in his workouts.

3. Chloe Ting

Her ab workout took the world of Youtube by storm, surpassing 71 million views and an abundance of ‘results’ videos. It comes as no surprise that her full body workouts are just as intense (and twice as difficult). Chloe Ting’s workout videos certainly aren’t for the faint hearted, as she offers a range of high-impact exercises.

4. Yoga with Adriene

Contrastingly, why not try yoga? Most often think yoga is simply for calming nerves and, while this is true, it’s also great for keeping active and fit. Yoga With Adriene is perfect for beginners who are seeking to learn yoga during self-isolation.


5. POPSUGAR Fitness

People often neglect dancing as a form of exercise, which can be just as fat-burning as an intense HIIT workout. POPSUGAR Fitness offer a range of dance workouts to do at home.

There you have it – five workouts that will tie you over till lockdown ends and gyms re-open – you’re welcome!

Photo by: Max Nikhil Thimmayya