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Acts of kindness: What Sittingbourne residents are doing for others

Sittingbourne residents have come together as a community to show just how thankful they’re to those who are dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak and showing their support by giving back.

Ranging from arts and crafts, lottery, making visors and scrubs, donating to food banks, fundraisers and many more. With the current situation, the world is in right now seeing what communities are doing for one and other is heartwarming and shines a more positive light on such a negative time.

Sian Hudson, has made Rainbow Roses with a ‘thinking of you’ sign in hopes to raise some money for the NHS.

Credit to Sian Hudson

Dawn Marsh Delsignore, has put her skills to good use by crocheting hearts to give to hospitals where one is given to the patient and one to a family member as a sign of comfort.

Credit to Dawn Marsh Delsignore

Another lovely gesture by Susie Sparkle’s son Luke Dower who is 3D printing shields for the NHS.

Credit to Susie Sparkles

Even the simplest of things you do will make someone’s day, you don’t have to feel pressured into donating huge amounts of money or spending hours creating something. Whoever you’re giving it to will be made up and thankful for what it is you’ve done.

Everlyn Saunders, has been shopping for five different elderly households, cooked lasagna for some to freeze and has given 30 self-care gifts to the NHS staff. An incredible gesture to show we’re always looking out for others.

Credit to Everlyn Saunders

Michael Prizeman, took to Facebook to say that: ”Dunelm colleagues in Sittingbourne have been making scrubs whilst on furlough.” Such an amazing gesture and one that many will be thankful for.

Credit to Laura Theoff

Lorraine Wiseman is ”making scrubs, bags, hats, headbands for hospitals and doctors surgeries.”

Sian Wheeler commented on Facebook and said: ”I’ve run a competition from my business page raffling off numbers and the winner will receive a custom cake for me once I reopen. Sold 100 numbers at £2 each and split the profits between the NHS and Headway East Kent.”

Courtney Jade Deere said: ”Me and my work colleagues who work at Beeches Kennels, are going to be completing the walk your socks off challenge. This helps raise money for the guide dogs.” You can donate here.

Just remember by staying in you’re helping to protect the NHS and saving lives and they will be internally grateful for that.

When the world is full of uncertainty and we’re constantly being hit with bad news day in and day out. Seeing gestures like this that are being done daily to help others out and show support to keyworkers is just what we all need to see.