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Canterbury Cathedral goes back on restricting back gate entrance

For years people residents have enjoyed walking through the historic entrance to access Canterbury Cathedral through Queningate on Lower Bridge Street.

It allows you to walk through the grounds and shortcuts you to the main Cathedral entrance in the City Centre.

Plans to restrict public access scrapped

The plans were to allow exclusive to the pupils from Kings School, making access safer for the students who are paying £41,000 to attend the public school.

The location of the entrance:


Locals less than happy with plans

However the residents who were outraged at this, have successfully won their campaign keeping the gates public access.

Canterbury Cathedral’s Dean has admitted:

We got it wrong.

The Cathedral have apologised for the impact on Kings school pupils as the school got a lot of the direct blame for the proposed closure, even though it was Canterbury Cathedrals idea.

They called the decision a hasty one in a time they weren’t able to evaluate it properly.

Updated gate access information

Residents have embarked on what the history of the gate contributes to the city, being built in 270AD and being the only remaining Roman gate in the city.

Even though the campaign to keep the gates open to the public has been won, it comes with a price now as you will need to be a Cathedral pass holder and will cost £6 for a five year permit.


It will also see the gates open from 7am-6pm daily, after that it will only be accessible to precinct residents.




Free access to those attending Cathedral services remains.