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Canterbury food bank pleads for volunteers after rising demand

The Canterbury Food Bank have turned to social media encouraging locals to become volunteer delivery drivers.

The rising cost of living is seeing more people than ever struggling to pay for essentials.

This is forcing more and more people to turn to food banks for support.

The Canterbury Food Bank are currently delivering around 300 parcels a week to people in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay.

Fundraising manager for Canterbury food bank, told us how much of a struggle it has been.

Demand for food parcels have almost doubled since peoples direct debits have been getting higher.

Canterbury food bank receive regular donations from schools, small business’ and individuals. But, are left struggling to meet the local demand.

The fundraising manager went on to say, “We are getting some volunteers, but it’s not enough compared to the demand for food parcels”.

The increased cost of living is damaging the pockets of food banks heavily.

The demand for food parcels has seen food banks having to spend £3,000 a month on groceries to cover the shortfall in donations.

If you would like to donate, visit the Canterbury food bank website.

Featured image credit: Ismael Paramo, Unsplash.