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Trolleys littered in Canterbury walkway angers residents

Canterbury residents were left shocked and outraged when they discovered littering of trolleys in a walkway near Asda last week, which were described as having “tarnished” the scenic environment.

The town is known as one of history, with many people visiting and living there because of its beauty and surroundings.

Quyên Bui, who posted on a Facebook resident group about the trolleys dumped next to the Canterbury Asda store, said: “The pictures speak for themselves. Other than the fact that it is sad, it shows some people feel alienated from their environment.

“They don’t see it as theirs to look after and are not invested emotionally in the environment.”

credit: Louis Walker

A member of the Facebook group Real Canterbury Residents, Gareth Wynde, said, “So sad, we should be able to enjoy our surroundings, it’s just a shame that things like this happen. I was no angel when I was young but I’m pretty sure I didn’t waste my time doing that.”

Fellow group member Lesley Gregory commented, “We drove from Sturry to Herne Bay yesterday and the rubbish all along the sides of the road was disgusting, cannot believe how some people are so disrespectful of where we all live, the littering in Canterbury makes me sad as well as angry.”

credit: Quyên Bui

Canterbury City Council gives advice on their website in regard to Canterbury littering and for those who come across abandoned trolleys:

“Supermarkets should collect abandoned trolleys, but it can be slow or difficult to find the right contact details for them. If you are unsure, contact Serco directly. They will collect them and usually reclaim a fixed cost from the supermarket.

They stressed one main thing:

“Please do not attempt to remove trolleys from rivers yourself. You could be putting your and other lives at risk.”


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Featured image credit: Quyên Bui