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Canterbury McDonald’s introduce ‘pay to pee’ scheme

Canterbury’s high street McDonald’s are now forcing customers to pay to use the toilet.

The unofficial free toilet provider has introduced a ‘pay to pee’ scheme, which requires customers to purchase food to be able to access the toilets.

A four-digit code is shown at the bottom of each receipt, which then has to be tapped into an electronic pin-pad, to be able to activate the door to the WC.

Canterbury’s high street McDonald’s introduce ‘pay to pee’ scheme.

Mc Customer, Claire Bateman, commented:

I was shopping in Canterbury the other day when my five-year old was desperate for the toilet.

The first place I thought of was McDonald’s. However, when we got there, I realised that I had to buy something to get a code that was on the receipt to be able to use the toilet. I wasn’t happy and neither was my daughter, who was upset and distressed whilst we had to order and wait for a drink. Until someone then told us that the code was the same on every receipt, but obviously I had no idea.’’

Many customers of the fast-food chain use the toilets on a daily basis, even if they don’t want to purchase anything. It is particularly popular for baby changing facilties, on nights out, as well as the homeless use it too.

Even baby changing facilities require a code to access.

Another McDonald’s customer took to Twitter to share their frustration.

The Canterbury Hub visited the high street McDonald’s and a staff member said:

‘’The code could possibly change, but for the moment it will stay the same.’’

McDonald’s Press Office where contacted, but could not make a statement.