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Coronavirus vaccines now available for 44-year-olds

Forty-four-year-olds in Kent can now get a coronavirus jab as the vaccine roll out in the UK gathers pace.

Currently, two-thirds of the previous age group (45 to 49-year-olds) in the UK have obtained their initial dose and are waiting for their second.

Chief executive of the NHS Sir Simon Stevens provided this statistic and urged all others to get the vaccine when it is made available, as it is “the best protection you and your loved ones will receive from this deadly virus”.

As well as those who are forty-four already, anyone who turns the age by 1 July are given the opportunity to book an appointment.

Over 33.7 million people in the UK have gained their initial dose, and nearly 12.6 million have been completely vaccinated.

Here are some of the responses to the news from Facebook:

Brilliant, just said on the news 40-43 year olds will be offered the jab later this week – Colin Rose


I truly believe that this vaccination programme is essential in order to get our nation back to normality – Donna Smart


???????? – Nick Bodhran

Northern Ireland will be opening their vaccination scheme to 35-39-year-olds, Wales is in the process of asking over-40s get booked in for their appointments, and Scotland has been encouraging over-45s to arrange their sessions.

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