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Funky Monkey nightclub to face music following demolition plans

The popular nightclub The Funkey Monkey is set for demolishment following its permanent closure after 16 years.

Dover District Council has seized the building in its plans to rejuvenate that part of Dover with the authority looking to get £20m to put towards the scheme.

The plan is to build an education campus and business centre in place of TFM’s location.

Jack, a regular to The Funkey Monkey has expressed his feelings towards the news of it’s departure.

“It’s gutting to hear that such a key part of the community is being taken away from us, I see it more than just a club but an area where I can socialise with my friends and meet new people on a night out.”

Councillor Trevor Barlett believes it is the first step in improving the reputation of the area that has been neglected for so long.

“For too long, these neglected buildings have given a poor first impression of the town and upon the purchase of the building we have looked at the quality of the building and ensured it is in proper state to start undergoing redevelopment.”

Ben, a local resident is eager to see what the future holds for the area.

“I am delighted about the prospect of these new developments and I feel it is good for the youngster in Dover and help them develop better skills and open different career gateways.”