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Driving lessons delayed by Covid

Since the Coronavirus pandemic there has been a rise in people requiring driving lessons, due to lessons not being available in lockdown, there is a backlog in admissions.

There is now a longer wait for those wanting to learn to drive and for those who wish to resume their lessons and take their tests.

With many driving schools prioritising those having tests already booked from before the pandemic, also trying to fit in those having lessons, there is a delay in people learning to drive.

With lockdown lasting 6 months, many people would have had to refresh what was learnt before the pandemic with extra lessons, consuming more of the instructors time.

Pass driving school were asked about  the availability of lessons, they responded that they are fully booked in the Canterbury area until March.

I interview a Student Felicity Burrington who is currently undertaking driving lessons.

How long did it take for you to learn to drive after COVID?

2 Months to start with, now it is more frequent.

Have you had to redo anything?

My theory test.

Do you feel like COVID delayed you?

100% as I lacked motivation after COVID.

How long will it take you to learn to drive?

1 year.

An AA Driving School spokesperson said: “Demand for driving lessons has increased across the UK since the pandemic began, due to various restrictions placed on lessons and tests. Our instructors are teaching as many pupils as they can to steadily reduce demand, but there has been added pressure due to problems with driving tests too.

“Theory test pass certificates expire after two years and there was no extension during the lockdowns, so when restrictions lifted many learners had to re-take their theory test before they could book a practical test slot again. This then adds to the demand for theory tests, making it harder for pupils to get through the system.”

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