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Sims 4 Violence and Crime Mods

Sims 4 Mods are often used by Sims 4 players to enhance their in-game experience for free, but it has recently come to my attention that there are mods for Sims to join gangs, kill or even do drugs.

I never believed, that I would see a crossover between GTA and the Sims until now.

Firstly, I downloaded the life tragedies by Sacrificial Mod found here:

I then downloaded the Basemental Drugs Mod:

Then: and

All courtesy of:

I then decided to add a ‘Sugar baby Mod’ to shake things up.

The Mods add new scenarios to the game such as: Surviving the Holidays which is based on rivalry, finding love after a breakup which is based on romance and Cannabis Connoisseur, Cocaine Cowboy and Making Money.

I decided to play Surviving the Holidays, Pairing up a Sugar daddy and Deviant with a High Maintenance Raver.

I then put them in a trailer Home.

I then assigned some Drug Dealers; the deviant went to purchase some drugs of Mortimer Goth, then in a Cocaine fuelled rage he strangled Mortimer’s Wife, the option of violent crime has consequences, so if a Sim kills someone their reputation would go down as a murderer, fear can also be inflicted on other sims noticing blood on their clothes giving the option to wash blood of clothes in the shower.

The Scene of the Crime.


Your Sims also have the options to join gangs, deal drugs and you can even run a strip club, only if you have the get to work expansion pack.

I feel this adds new lifelike dimensions to the sims for free, there is no glitches or freezing which many MODS can cause, it adds new emotions and traits to the game and there is more of a business like dimension. It does not encourage drug use as it shows the consequences of Drug abuse and the sims can eventually get treatment.

If you buy Merchandise from the Basemental Drugs shop, 15% of the profit will be donated at the end of each calendar year to a charitable organisation working to prevent Substance abuse.

Here is what people on twitter think about the Mod: