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General Election: Conservatives keep hold of all their Kent seats

The Conservatives have retained their grip over Kent, returning strong results in the general election. The Conservatives have secured a majority vote over 326 seats nationally. The majority of Kent has voted for the Conservative Party other than Canterbury which voted for Labour. 


Dover’s new MP will be Natalie Elphicke who won 28,830 compared to runner up, Labour candidate Charlotte Cornell who only received 16,552 votes. Natalie Elphicke replaced her husband as MP for Dover and has secured the seat for the Conservative Party with a majority of 56.9%.

Folkestone and Hythe

Damian Collins, Folkestone and Hythe’s re-elected MP will be represent the Conservatives after receiving a massive 35,483 votes. He gained 60.1% of votes compared to Labour’s Laura Davison who only got 20%. 


In Maidstone, Helen Grant, the re-elected Conservative MP received a huge 31,220 votes and gained 60.4% of the public votes compared to Labour on 18.3% and Liberal Democrat with 16.4%. Maidstone is one of the places where the Liberal Democrat Parties majority votes were similar to Labour’s.   

Rochester and Strood (Medway)

Conservative MP Kelly Tolhurst gained 31,151 majority of votes compared to Labour who received 14,079. Rochester and Strood’s majority was 60% of the votes.

Chatham and Aylesford (Medway) 

Tracey Crouch has been re-elected to be the Conservative’s MP for Chatham and Aylesford after collecting 28,856 majority of votes. Labour’s Vince Maple only gained 23.8% of the majority votes compared to the Conservative Party which had 66.6%.

Gillingham and Rainham (Medway) 

The Conservative’s MP has been re-elected. Rehman Chishti as the local MP for Gillingham and Rainham, winning with an increased majority of votes: 28,173. Runner up was Labour’s Andy Stamp who only gained 13,054 votes.


If you want to find out more about your local constituency then check out the BBC’s website.