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How to celebrate your birthday in lockdown

Stuck in lockdown and wondering how to celebrate your birthday? Here is The Canterbury Hub’s top ten ways to celebrate in style!

  1. Have a virtual party

Apps such as HouseParty are perfect for hosting your own virtual party! Any family member or friend can get involved and it’s almost like they are in the room. You can all have a catch up and have them sing you happy birthday. You could even do a virtual birthday quiz!

Credit – Glenn Han
  1. Turn your house into a club

Draw your curtains, turn off the lights and grab any speakers you own. It is so easy to make your own club! Top Tip! Just don’t annoy your neighbours by partying all night. On the plus side, the drinks are free!

  1. Get dressed up and make an effort

If you are feeling upset about not being able to go anywhere for your birthday, then don’t just sit in your PJs all day. Get dressed up, do your makeup and do your hair. There is no reason you can’t have a birthday photoshoot in your own home.

Credit – Robert Anderson
  1. Give yourself a break and have a self-care day

If you want to take your foot off of the gas pedal and just have a day of self-indulgence, then do it. This day is all about you! If you want to binge your favourite boxset and have pizza for breakfast then why not, it’s your birthday.

  1. Make yourself a birthday playlist and dance

The power of dance to get you fired up and in the birthday mood. It doesn’t matter how cheesy it is or how loud it is, dance and forget about all your other worries and thoughts. The Roots – Birthday Girl is arguably one of the best birthday songs out there!

Video Credit – The Roots



6. Make your house into a pub

If you are missing the pub, then this is one for you. Turn your house into a pub and you can have your very own (quite short) pub crawl! It is super easy and more fun than you think, if you decorate each room.

  1. Have a cute afternoon tea

For the more relaxed, a super deluxe afternoon tea is the best way to go! You only have to make sandwiches and making scones is also super easy to do. Top Tip – swap the tea for prosecco.

Credit – Jorge Ibanez
  1. Boardgames are the one!

Boardgames are such a good way to fill the afternoon after a morning of unwrapping presents. It is super relaxing and depending on the game (monopoly) can go on for hours!

  1. Make yourself a restaurant style meal

Time to perfect your cooking skills! Making your favourite meal from a restaurant is super fun and not to mention, delicious!

Credit – Lidya Nada MD
  1. Just relax!

Don’t stress about not being able to do things or seeing people. It is your day so fill it doing what you love most. Curl up and read a book, have a bath and drink lots of wine. Even in lockdown, your possibilities are endless.

Feature Image Credit – Annie Spratt