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How to make kombucha at home

Kombucha is the hottest drink of the decade. The ancient beverage of the Chinese, now forms the center of an ever growing $244 million industry.

A large community of kombucha home brewers has formed and gets stronger by the day, as more and more people are made aware of this special dink. 

Listen here to our step by step audio walkthrough of your first batch of Kombucha, it wont be your last. 


Equipment and Ingredients


2 Litres Filtered Water
20g Loose Organic Black Tea
130g White Sugar
2 Apples
200ml Kombucha Starter


1 Large Saucepan
2 Litre Jar
1 Funnel
2 Squares Muslin Cloth (1 small, 1 large)
1 Funnel
1 Plastic/Wooden Stirrer

Feature image credit: SK, Flikr