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Kent Elections: Top 4 reasons to cast your vote on Thursday

Tomorrow (May 6) thousands of people across the UK will head to their polling stations to vote in their local council and Police Crime Commissioner elections.

These may not be as attention grabbing as the General Election but it is still important for people to go and vote.

Here are the top 4 reasons you should vote!

Let your voice be heard

It is important that you use your vote to let your voice be heard. It’s not just about the person you’re voting for or the party they represent, its the policies they propose that is the most important factor. Having a variety of people vote means better representation for everyone.


Vote for the policies you’re most passionate about

Vote for the person who has proposed policies that are most important to you whether this is regarding education, climate change, or any other changes they plan to make in the community. Your vote could directly impact how the community will change over the next four years.

Your one vote can make a difference

You may think that one vote will not make a difference but your vote could change the final outcome. So your vote does matter and your voice will be heard when you vote.

The Government is there to serve the people

The whole point of the Government and Democracy is to serve the people, to hear the people. So why should your voice not be heard? Every vote matters and every councillor must listen to the voices in their constituency. You could be the reason something changes in your local area.



Do you plan on voting?


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