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Kent Local Election Results

Counting has begun for the Kent local elections and so far, it seems that the smaller parties are growing in popularity.

This could be due to the public being unhappy with the way Brexit is being handled, therefore are sending a message through their votes.

The Green’s have had success in Folkestone and Hythe, and the Liberal Democrats have had a huge win over the Conservatives in Canterbury with Canterbury Council leader Simon Cook losing his seat to Mike Sole.4.45



To sum up the day, The Conservatives have retained Canterbury, Dover, Ashford, Tunbridge Wells, Medway, Dartford, Tonbridge and Malling and Sevenoaks.

Labour has secured Gravesham from The Tories and Thanet, Swale, Maidstone and Folkestone and Hythe have no overall party.


The Tories retain Sevenoaks. Final results are:

Conservative: 46 (-2)

Labour: 1 (-1)

Liberal Democrats: 3 (+1)

UKIP: 0 (-1)

Independent: 4 (+3)


The Conservatives retain Tonbridge and Malling. Final results are:

Conservatives: 39 (-9)

Labour: 1 (+1)

Liberal Democrats: 9 (+5)

Green Party: 2 (+2)

Independent: 3 (+1)


All seats have been counted in Thanet, and there is no overall party control. Final results are:

Conservatives:25 (+7)

Labour: 20 (+16)

Green Party: 3 (+3)

UKIP: 0 (-33)

Independent: (+7)


Final results for Canterbury elections.


Swale has no party control. Final results are:

Conservative: 16

Labour: 11

Green Party: 2

Liberal Democrats: 5


Independent: 2

Swale independents: 10


Dover final results:

Conservatives: 19 (+1)

Labour: 12 (-1)

UKIP: 0 (-1)

Independent: 1 (+1)


Conservatives hold Canterbury despite the party leader losing their seat. Still 19 councillors left to be elected.


Labour secure Gravesham from The Conservatives. The final results are:

Conservative: 18 (-5)

Labour: 24 (+3)

Independent: 2 (+2)


So far, conservatives have managed to retain Ashford, Dartford, Dover, Medway and Tunbridge Wells.

There’s no overall control in Maidstone and Folkestone and Hythe. Votes are still being counted in Swale but it is confirmed that no party will have overall control.

There are still five remaining councils left to be declared.


The Conservatives have retained Dover with two seats still left to fill.


Conservative hold Ashford. However, success for the Green Party it is the first time ever they have won seats here.

The Final results are:

Conservative: 26 (-13)

Ashford Independent: 11 (+9)

Labour: 7 (+3)

Green Party: 2 (+2)

Independent: 1 (+1)

Liberal Democrats: 0 (-1)

UKIP: 0 (-1)


The conservative leader of the Swale council Andrew Bowles has lost his seat, a huge shock as he has represented the ward since 1987. He is the third leader in Kent to lose their seat.


No change for Maidstone, no overall control by any party.

The final results:

Conservative: 24 (-1)

Labour: 20

Independent: 7

Labour: 4 (+1)


Conservative leader of Tunbridge Wells council David Jukes has lost his seat to the Tunbridge Wells Alliance Group.


Conservatives regain Tunbridge Wells.


Unusual situation at Paddock (West) in Tunbridge Wells, both Conservatives and Labour have the same ballots making it a tie. Winner is decided by drawing lots, Conservative candidate has been elected.


Simon Cook’s reaction to his defeat.


In other news, The Swale Independents have won a seat from the Conservatives in the Kent Country Council by-election.

The winning candidate, Jason Clinch, narrowly beat Labour’s Tony Winckless by 155 votes.


Outgoing Canterbury Council leader Simon Cook has dramatically lost his seat to Liberal Democrat candidate Mike Sole. Simon Cook received 593 votes, while Mike Sole got 831.


The remainder of the Kent Election counts will start at 10 am. Ashford will start at 12 pm


Huge success for the Green Party as they gain six seats in Folkestone and Hythe. A disappointing night for the Conservatives as they lose 10 seats. Labour also gained six seats.

Final results

Conservative: 33 (-10)

Labour: 6 (+6)

Liberal Democrats: 2

Green Party: 6 (+6)


Independent: 1


Tories manage to hold onto control of Medway despite losing seats and Labour making gains.

Final results:

Conservative: 33 (-2)

Labour: 20 (+4)

Independents: 2 (+2)


The conservatives secured Dartford but lose 4 seats in the process, while Labour leader Jonathon Hawkes loses his seat but gained 3 seats overall. The third group is the Swanscombe and Greenhithe’s Residents Association.

The final results are:

Conservative: 29 (-4)

Labour: 10 (+3)