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Woman ‘tied up and left for dead’ in horrific home burglary

An elderly woman has been left traumatised after being tied up whilst her house was ransacked.

Yesterday (December 16) Billy Williams, of Smarden Road in Headcorn, appeared in front of Maidstone Crown Court and was found guilty of aggravated burglary, false imprisonment and a sexual assault by unanimous verdict.

On April 4 around 6pm Williams jumped the gate of a woman’s home near Maidstone where he proceeded to force his hand over her mouth whilst holding a chisel to her neck.

The 29-year-old demanded money and held a knife to her face and stomach, he then threatened to kill her and sexually assaulted her

Afterwards he ransacked the house and then bound the woman tightly to a chair using wire and tape, also stuffing and binding her mouth in the process.

The woman was unable to breathe or shout for help and she was doused in alcohol.

Williams left taking money and personal items including a laptop.

“Violent and Callous”

Kent Police found the woman two days later on the evening of April 6 after receiving worried phone calls concerning the woman’s whereabouts.

Officers found the woman still tightly bound to the chair, dehydrated and with cuts on her face and body.

Senior investigating officer, Detective Chief Inspector Neil Kimber, said: “Williams preyed upon a vulnerable woman who was living on her own and subjected her to the most horrific and terrifying ordeal. He bound her so tightly to the chair that had she remained undiscovered for much longer she may not have even survived.

“His gratuitous, barbaric and callous actions have caused physical and no doubt extensive psychological scars to the victim. He has a history of violent offending and is clearly a very dangerous individual and someone who the public need protecting from.

“I do hope the victim can now at least take some reassurance and comfort from the fact Williams has now been found guilty and will no doubt receive a significant prison sentence.” 

DNA Match

Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate lead a media appeal which led to a witness coming forward who identified Williams at an identification parade, having seen him in the local area on the same day as the burglary.

The victim’s property was forensically examined and Williams’ DNA was detected on a sherry bottle which he poured over the victim.

CCTV footage was also recovered which showed him riding a bicycle and carrying a suit protector case, containing several bulky items, which matched one stolen from the victim’s home.

Williams was arrested on April 20. He was wearing clothing which matched that shown on local CCTV footage.

He admitted he was the person shown in images with the bike, but claimed he was carrying ‘an awning’ which he had found in a hedge.

He has been remanded in custody pending sentencing. A date for the sentencing hearing has yet to be determined.

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Image Source: Google Maps.