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Review: Canterbury Christmas Market 2022

The very popular Christmas market is back in the heart of Canterbury and people seem to be really enjoying what they have to offer. This is one of the most festive feeling and exciting places you can visit at this time of year. With such a variety of stalls available, it definitely includes something there for everyone, from mulled wine to Mexican food. During the night especially, the atmosphere is amazing; lights, live music and amazing food.

Market opening times are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 11am to 4pm. It is also open on Christmas eve and will close at 4pm. The Market is located in and around the Whitefriars Shopping Centre.

Hence Canterbury being ranked the second most expensive city in the UK to buy a pint, just by looking around, the market stall prices were not too bad in comparison to other Christmas markets in the UK. The food portion sizes looked quite big and definitely worth the prices. There was loads of seating to be able to enjoy your food which was very convenient. It would be a great place to buy Christmas presents for loved ones or just to treat yourself because of the range of things that they have.

However, the only thing i sometimes found quite annoying was the queues, especially when there was only one person working in the stall it would take quite a while for me to get my food. My favourite foods were the churros and doughnuts. Overall, I would give the experience an 8/10 and would recommend it to any local Canterbury residents or anyone visiting.


The Christmas Market is packed this year.
Sainabou Mbye