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How will the cost of living increase affect Kent this winter?

With the recent cost of living crisis, a common thought and question is whether not we will have our winters affected and how we will stay warm with the increase in gas prices and whether or not we will be able to have power.

As gas prices increase by 141% since last year, and electric by 65%, and with the current cost of living crisis affecting many homes and families, what do people think about these price increases?

Jesse Olbrechts from Herne Bay says the gas prices have affected him personally, “It’s ruined Christmas for me, cant provide anything for my family or anything like that”, “I’m just about able to afford my brothers and sisters Christmas presents.”

“It’s absolutely extortionate, how they’ve done this. making it so the rich get richer and us on the breadline cant even survive.”

When asked if he feels he’ll be able to stay warm this winter, he jokingly said, “If i set my house on fire”, and then proceeded with “Well just about…” in regards to whether or not he feels he’ll be able to stay warm.

He now has to work two jobs in order to afford these rising prices and ‘to survive’.

Canterbury resident, Stephen Mason, says the gas prices and electric prices increasing has affected him too, as he is a pensioner who only gets £180 a week.

“I must admit though, the gas company have given me £60 to pay the bills off as well.”

He also says the government give him an extra £300 as a pensioner to go towards these costs but he also feels the government could support people further in regards to these increasing prices.

Overall, the reaction to these changes is the same among many, as fears of not being able to afford Christmas this year seems to remain common.

People without full financial support and people with financial support from the government believe that there should be more in place to provide for the less fortunate this winter.


Featured image from: Wayne Jackson (pexels)