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The 9 best Christmas adverts you’ve never seen

Are you wanting the same emotional wave that the John Lewis Christmas advert brought – only nine more times? Then look no further as these adverts will bring you tears, laughter and Christmas all in one. Stick around for a cheeky tenth too!

First up is Amazon’s holiday ad from the USA. Its cute, animated boxes sing – to the tune of ‘Everybody needs somebody to love’ – while we follow people on their journeys home. 


Next is the eye-catching K-Mart ‘Joe Boxers’ ad. It certainly goes for more for comedy than emotions – but it’s still a must watch!



Next: New Zealand, for our seventh stop. Santa answers the phone to children asking for their presents – but with a catch. The children are from New Zealand, and it seems santa has as much trouble as us working out what they are saying. It’s a great blend of humour and with a traditional set and… unique… storyline.



This is the first of the heart-wrenchers. This animated short brings us an incredibly sweet character working his job as a security guard tirelessly. He lacks friends though – so he plays with his coworkers…. A bunch of manakins. The storyline is touching and will leave with teary eyes for sure.



A slight change of pace here for number five. This ad is from Audi, probably not the first company you think of when it comes to Christmas adverts. In this universe, Santa decides to lose the belly with an elf being his personal trainer. And santa as you’ve never seen him before appears at the end.


Now, back to animation – this time following an ADORABLE hedgehog on his first day of school. He’s lonely, and making friends is tricky with his spikes. The video’s song is a great choice too, bringing us sadness – with a very satisfying and warming ending.



Keeping count? This is number three, from France. This story follows a family’s Christmases throughout the years, with the father always asking ‘So what are you going to eat?’ – until the he passes away, leaving the wife staring at an empty chair. So who takes over then??


We are leaving France for a moment and popping over the border to Germany. This advert shows the story of a father and grandfather who is promised by his children that they will visit. Years go by until they receive news of his death. Watch to find out the rest.



We’re staying in France for our final advert – and this one brought tears to my eyes. The story follows a girl who is given Father Christmas’s (Pere Noel) phone number, but with her Dad picking up and doing a silly voice, whenever and wherever she calls. The ending could choke up Scrooge himself.



That’s it! The cheeky addition is below – my favourite Christmas ad of all time, from Sainsbury’s. It’s a masterpiece, and sticks with the foreign theme running throughout.

So what do you think – do foreign Christmas adverts stack up to ours? Let us know! And check out our other listicles.