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The best of today’s tweets about the ‘rule of six’

As the ‘rule of six’ comes into effect in England, here’s a selection of brilliant Tweets posted today…

As barbers and hairdressers aren’t reopening for another two weeks, this user said what many of us are thinking:

Credit: Unsplash


A work of literary genius from this Twitter user:

Credit: ‘Romeo+Juliet’ (1996) via YouTube


A sadly ironic take on the new rules:

Credit: Unsplash


This user posted a very British tweet – one that many of us can relate to:

Credit: Marcus Nilsson


If you don’t have an electric heater or fire pit in the garden ready for evening visits, are you even doing ‘rule of six’ right?

Credit: Amazon

This user suggests a rigorous selection process for choosing a six-person group:

Credit: Unsplash

This summary of these few days is the optimism we all need:

Credit: Unsplash

Basically, people on Twitter are loving this relaxation of rules.
Most people are optimistic about the rest of the year, and as long as we meet up safely and don’t become complacent, we can soon put restrictions behind us.