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Twitter’s negative reaction to #TakeOffYourMask!

Twitter users have taken to the platform for people to go maskless this has been met with criticism and users are reminding others of government and scientific guidance on wearing a face covering.

As lockdown rules are lifting in the UK there are still some place’s you must wear a face-covering by law unless you are medically exempt.

People are asked to wear a face-covering in indoor settings, like shops and supermarkets , public transport, educational and work settings.

Here’s how Twitter users are reacting to the trending hashtag.

The hashtag is generating a lot of tweets as users are sharing  negative and aggressive opinion’s on the matter. The hashtag has stayed at number one trending throughout the day with over 14,000 tweets.

The tweets are aimed at people who believe they should not have to wear a face covering now the restrictions are easing.

Some users have referred to wear a mask as “Cult Behaviour”  and are trying to encourage people to follow the trend and #TakeOffYourMask.

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