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1.2m vaccine doses administered in Kent

Kent and Medway’s vaccination programme is in full swing with the latest data showing 88% of the top nine priority groups had at least one dose.

Overall 1,198,387 vaccinations have been distributed across the county.

The main focus of the vaccination programme is to give the vital second dose to all the most vulnerable groups.

Clinics have now started process of giving the first dose of the vaccine to the 45-49 age group. Matt Hancock said that we are ” on track to offer a jab to all adults by the end of July.”

Here are some of the data complied into graphs from Kent County communising group.

The data for people getting there first vaccination shows a positive response to the vaccination programme, with the 50-59 age cohort having the highest amount of first dose’s.

However the under 45 year old cohort. has the highest amount of first dose vaccinations, despite the success of the vaccination programme those aged 45 -49 have the lowest figures.

The data shown in the second graph shows a dramatic decline in the number of people who have received their second dose the most vulnerable cohort over 80’s, with 14,608 not getting the second dose of the vaccination.

There is a drastic drop in the 50 -59 age cohort as 235,104 people have received there first vaccination but 202,679 have still not received the second dose.

With the vaccination programme processing rapidly, if you fall under and of these categories then you should get booked in for your first dose.

  • you’re aged 44 or over.
  • you’ll turn 44 before 1 July 2021.
  • if you fall under the critically vulnerable groups.
  • if you are contacted by your local GP.

Book your Covid-19 vaccine through the government website.

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Featured image credit: Unsplash