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Hong Kong was “best experience” of student’s life

Despite the dangerous protests in Hong Kong, leading to the University of Kent bringing their exchange students home last month, one student involved said she still ‘loved’ her time in the country.


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When I asked if Teresa Boinnet – a University of Kent student – if she was upset she had to leave Hong Kong she said:

“Yeah, I was very upset. I did not want to leave.

“I was like no, let me just wait it out and see if it gets better.

“It was incredible and it was such a shame because it was a year abroad that I had been planning for so long had been researching on and me and my friends were so excited to go.

“I understand the situation it’s happening and why it has to be that way. So I’m not entirely like like great like in grief, you know, it’s like it’s understand what’s necessary.”

When asking Teresa about what it was really like to be amidst the unrest she told me this:

The protests have been ongoing for the past seven months, due to Carrie Lam’s introduction of an extradition law. It lead to complete uproar by the Hong Kongers with massive protests continuing to take place now in December, even after the withdrawal of the bill.

Clip taken by Teresa in Hong Kong during protests: