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Low income families relieved of bus fair this Christmas

This Christmas season, Kent County Council (KCC) announced that they will be supplying low income families & young children with FREE travel (Via Bus) across all 12 districts.

This will allow them to attend local Christmas events, such as Theatre shows, Pantomimes and Winter Wonderlands.

It comes as a treat to the children of Kent, who have faced huge disturbances with their social life and school life due to the pandemic.

On December 9th, during a cabinet meeting at county hall in Maidstone, KCC’s cabinet member of education, Cllr Sue Chandler, said: “This will allow more children to have a great time”

Tilly Shakeshaft, a 23 year old Stay at home mum from Margate, Kent said “I think this is a great idea.

“We all struggle at Christmas. Getting presents is hard enough on its own, but making sure our children have fun is important too.

“Some times we cant afford travel there & back”

Sean Fulker, a 23 year old Security guard & Dad of 1 from Margate, Kent said: “This will be amazing & come in handy with me and my family.

“My daughter loves Christmas but I cant afford to get busses to go to the big events”

You can find more about this on KCC’s official website.

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Feature image credit – Wikimedia.