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The best TikTokers to follow for first-time-home buyers


Tiktok is a social media platform is helping young first time home buyers understand the new 5% housing scheme and how many young users of the app can benefit from the scheme if they understand it that little bit better.

The new learning section on the app, allows people to chose what they want to see on there for you page.The app has a huge consumer platform mainly of the younger generation.

Giving social media platforms the opportunity to teach its users has been popular on Tiktok as users have conversation with each other and create community of people who are interested to learn about the same subject.


The Homebuyer Coach-

This TikTok users’  has over 42.5 thousand followers his content is solely based on helping the younger generation understand how to one day afford their own properties with him explain the best ways to save for a deposit.

He posted a 3-part explanation of the housing scheme –


How to buy a house with a 5% deposit PART 1 #mortgage #home #firsttimebuyer #home #newhouse #hometips

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The Anxiousinvestor-

This user helps shine a light on the most common mistakes made by first time home buyers, with 55 thousand followers he goes into detail about minor things people tend to forget or big mistakes people should not follow.

He goes into detail showing his extent knowledge in property development sharing myths such as people thinking they can get into property with no money.



95% Mortgages! #mortgages #firsttimehomebuyer #1sttimehomebuyer #buyingahouse #buyingahome #property #fyp

♬ Way Too Long – Nathan Dawe & Anne-Marie & MoStack


The Mortgage Advisor UK-

This Tiktoker claims to be keeping mortgages fun, she is a qualified mortgage and protection advisor with just under 5 thousand followers but over 14 thousand likes on her informational videos.

This account helps people wanting to know more about mortgages but in a more informal fun type of way. She follows with the latest Tiktok trends but adapts them to the subject of mortgages.


#deposit #house #buying #firsttimehomebuyer #homemover #mortgagetips #mortgagebroker #mortgageadvice #broker #fyp #tips #hints #getready #whatdoido

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Anishpatelmortages –

This account follows the theme of just answering common questions asked about mortgages and the new 5% mortgage scheme, the user is content with his approach to just asking common questions not overly bombarding his videos with to many facts.

He keeps his platform available to conversation giving you the feeling of a friendly chat. With only a small following base of just over 2 thousand followers his videos get a high amount of views and likes, because of his free Jargon free tips.


Do 95% Mortgages Have Higher Interest Rates? #mortgagebroker #mortgage #mortgageloan #mortgagelender #firsttimehomebuyer #homemover #mortgagerates

♬ original sound – ? Get You Mortgage Ready ?

That Property Guy-

With 187.6 thousand followers and over 2.4 million likes on TikTok, explains all thing property from things you should look out for when viewing houses for first time buyers.

He takes you through multiple housing renovastions with the top Do’s and Dont’s looking at things such as the best way to find builders but also how to do renovations yourself in the safest and budget friendly way.

This user has a hands on approach to inform his viewers, with a lot of how to videos.


95% mortgages are now available in the UK! ?? #house #home #uk #news #finance #firsttimehomebuyer

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Feature image credit – Unsplash